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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Lawn Sign Advertisement

As a contractor, when designing lawn signs for your construction site, you have to be creative so that the signs can attract the attention of potential customers. The signs must show your company name, logo, phone number, web address and available discounts if any, so that by passers can have a clear understanding of who you are and what you do. When creating these contractors yard signs, the following tips are useful to make them as captivating and creative as possible.

Make Sure You Catch People’s Attention

If you want people to read your signs, you should not fill it with long information, statements and descriptions. Rather, use catchy words and phrases like “quality”, “affordable” which are most likely to make people read the signs. Also use psychological pricing.

Have A Call To Action

You have to know what you want your customers to do. Maybe you want them to visit your office, website or seek more information. Indicate briefly the exact call to action by using phrases such as; “contact us now” “visit our website” “call now” and so forth.

Make The Signs Readable

The yard signs must be well written so that anyone passing by can read it with ease. Use bold fonts, bright markers and make sure there is enough spaces between characters so that people do not strain to read the sign. The actual poster itself should also be big enough.

Guide Your Traffic

It’s crucial that the potential customers locate you easily. Use big posters and indicate with bright, bold colours arrows that point towards your location. Do this after every few blocks.

The other minor, but important things to adhere to include:

  • Use the right tone.

  • Choosing the right poster size.

  • Use high quality print.

Knowing and understanding your audience plays a big role in helping you know what to include in the lawn sign advert. At the end of the day, your aim should be to stay ahead of competition and increase your clientele base.

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