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Cannabis Insurance Specialist in Markham, Toronto 

The demand for insurance products for medicinal marijuana has been on the rise in Ontario. Cannabis insurance provides coverage for risks that are common in the cannabis industry. There are several types of marijuana insurance policies, and each of them is designed to cater to different operations in the sector.


Risk Exposures for Different Operations


Some of the businesses that require cannabis insurance include retail dispensaries, growers of medical marijuana, processing plants, distributors, testing labs, and smoke shops. If you have a retail dispensary, it is always advisable to purchase a product liability policy to cover the expenses that you may incur if you are sued.


Growing medical marijuana is a livelihood for some Ontario residents. Therefore, growers should have insurance coverage to protect themselves against the risk of loss that may result from fire, smoke, diseases, and other agricultural-related hazards. The growers of the product in Ontario should consider purchasing product liability.


Manufacturers of marijuana are required to adhere to various regulations in the industry. There are potential losses that may result from faulty products that they may provide in the market. If a manufacturer of cannabis produces products that do not meet industry standards, they can be sued in a court of law.


Distributors of cannabis products are also exposed to risks when moving cannabis products to retail dispensaries. The main risk that distributors face is theft of the products. There are several types of insurance coverage that are ideal for distributors of medical marijuana.


Test labs examine cannabis to determine whether it is free from pesticides and contaminants. If the right procedures are not followed when testing medical marijuana, the business owners may be required to pay large sums of money as compensation. Also, they may incur a significant amount of money to pay for legal fees.


The Most Common Types of Cannabis Insurance in Ontario


There are several types of insurance coverage, which are designed for different operations in the sector. The following are some of the most common types of cannabis insurance:


General Liability


Some operations in the marijuana industry can result in liabilities such as property damage, injuries, and ruining the reputation of third parties. If you are sued in a court of law by third parties, general liability coverage will cater to all the costs that you will incur to compensate third parties.

For example, the policy will cover the medical expenses that a third party will incur after getting injured. Also, general liability provides coverage for any harm that defective products may cause to the consumers. For instance, if a person gets ill because of contaminants that can be traced back to your medical marijuana, the policy will compensate the affected individuals.


If your competitors sue you for defamation, general liability coverage will cover the legal fees that you will incur during the legal process. If a fire breaks out due to operations in your marijuana business and damages property belonging to third parties, general liability insurance will cater to the repair costs.


Commercial Property Insurance


It is an insurance coverage that protects your business-owned property. If a covered peril damages products while on the business premises, you will receive the insured value minus any deductibles. Some of the most common perils covered by a commercial property policy include fire, theft, and vandalism.

Professional Liability Insurance


If third parties incur financial losses as a result of your mistakes, you may be required to pay a significant amount of money as compensation. When you have a professional liability insurance policy, your insurance carrier will pay for the legal fees that you will incur if third parties file a lawsuit against you.


Consumers of medical marijuana may sue medical experts in Ontario if they prescribe products that do not meet their expectations. For example, you may be sued for malpractice if you prescribe a product that causes allergic reactions or other negative implications to the consumers.


Finally, the number of medical marijuana businesses in Ontario has been on the rise. Cultivators and business owners involved in various operations are exposed to many risks, which may lead to financial losses. By having a cannabis insurance policy, business owners will have peace of mind.

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