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Construction Insurance Specialist in Markham, Toronto 

Construction industry insurance is usually required before companies and their contractors can start working on a project. Choosing the right type of insurance can mitigate the risks for a project. However, it can be hard to pick the insurance that really fits the company’s and project’s needs without the help of an insurance professional. 


Consulting an expert in insurance policies will help a company find the best insurance plan for their needs while lowering their overall costs in terms of insurance premiums and project risk expenditures. First, an insurance broker or expert will work with a company and its contractors to help identify the risk factors for their industry or for their project. After properly identifying the potential risks, an insurance broker can help a company choose a plan from the insurance provider’s offerings. The insurance broker can also help the company customize an insurance plan if the insurance provider offers flexible plans.

About Marci

I have always had a passion for community, fitness, learning new things and meeting new people. Whether I am helping clients reach their personal health goals or guiding them through an array of insurance options, I strongly believe that trust, respect and personal service are the cornerstones of my success.


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