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How to Advertise and Market with Your Construction Vehicle

Branding is the presentation you give your company to the world outside. More so in the construction business marketing. The most important thing to remember is that your brand must always be presented in the same way; you should always maintain the same color schemes, and your logo should be maintained on all your advertisement. This means that if your signs and logos look different on your flyers and van signage, it’s possible customers may begin to think they are different companies.

One way that you can use branding to advertise and market you company to gain new clients is by using making good use of your construction vehicles.

Let us look at few ways you can effectively do this.

Avoid Technical Language

When branding your construction vehicles, use simple language. Many people aren’t so much familiar with the construction lingo used by professionals like yourself, therefore to pass the message effectively ensure that the language is understandable and easy to read. For example, if you want to use green energy terms while marketing your construction material make sure first that your audience clearly understands them or put them in a way where they would understand them. Be certain that your advert is accessible to all people regardless of their level of expertise.

Be Clear, Concise and Consistent

The most important thing for your advertisement is to create a professional look, in the brands that you are displaying to potential customers out there because this affects the impression they will have about you. This goes as far as even making sure that your vehicles and other equipment can be recognized instantly. If by any chance you don’t have a logo or if you’re just using a simple clip art, you should find a professional who can create a professional visual image that is eye catching and clearly represents your company, then hire another professional to inscribe the logo onto your vehicles. Think of every moving vehicle you have as a mobile advertisement.

Be Strategic With Your Mobile Billboard

When your construction vehicles with all your logo’s and information on your company are not being used park in traffic areas, where you will be sure that they are exposed to several potential customers.

At times where you’re not working like public holidays, you can be feel good knowing that your trucks advertisements are not going to waste. Also your contacts should clearly be printed at the back of your truck so that those people, who pull up behind you at stop signs, can see them and probably take the numbers down or at least be able to write down your company name and search you on google (You do have a website right?!). Everyone has a phone, and they will surely call or search for you but you need to make it super easy for customers to find the information on your trucks.

Got any other tips you’d like to share on how you use your construction vehicle to get new clients? Share them below in the comments section.

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